Case Summary

The plaintiff, a self-made man living the “American Dream,” should be enjoying the fruits of his hard earned labor. But, after a devastating mesothelioma diagnosis, he has been battling for justice in a drawn out asbestos trial for months. The plaintiff immigrated to the U.S. as a teen. He put himself through college and started a family. A retired banker, The plaintiff performed home remodeling and repair jobs with asbestos products throughout his life. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2015. After three months of trial, the plaintiff has prevailed over the remaining asbestos defendant in his case. A Los Angeles jury awarded the the plaintiff and his wife over $7 million and assigned 25% liability to asbestos defendant Rich-Tex. The plaintiff and his wife of 50 years have two adult children and three grandchildren.


October 24, 2016
$7,042,333 total award
Liability: Rich-Tex 25%

Case Summary

Cause No. JCCP4674/BC 604809
Trial length: 3 months   Deliberation Length: 6 days


Los Angeles County Superior Court, California
Hon. Mary Ann Murphy, presiding

Plaintiff’s Experts (live testimony)

C. Andrew Brodkin, M.D., occupational and environmental medicine
Robert B. Cameron, M.D., cardiothoracic surgeon (by video deposition)
Robert W. Johnson, economist
William M. Ewing, CIH, industrial hygienist
Gerald E. Markowitz. Ph.D., occupational health historian

Defense Expert (live testimony)

Suresh Moolgavkar, M.B.B.S., Ph.D., epidemiologist
John Henshaw, CIH, industrial hygienist
Allen Feingold, M.D., internal medicine

Plaintiff’s Counsel

Waters Kraus Paul & Siegel (Los Angeles):
Scott Frost (lead trial attorney), Andrew Seitz, Rajeev Mittal, Caitlyn Silhan (Waters & Kraus, LLP – Dallas)
Worthington & Caron, PC (San Pedro): (co-counsel)
Roger Worthington and John Caron

Defense Counsel

Imai, Tadlock, Keeney & Cordery, LLP, (San Francisco)
Michael Boland, Valerie Ruschke


Disclaimer – Results obtained depend on the facts of each case. Award amounts are not actual cash amounts received by plaintiffs. Deductions are made for liens, attorney fees and expenses.

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