Colorado Oil and Gas Well Leak Exposes Students to Benzene

Air sampling near a Colorado school recently showed an increased level of benzene, a cancer-causing chemical derived from natural gas and crude oil. The unprecedented national rush of oil and gas extraction has states all across the country reporting troublesome levels of toxic chemicals in their cities.

The benzene was detected last fall during a single 45-minute sample reading of the air surrounding Bella Romero Academy, a K-8 school situated in Greeley, Colorado.

While state health officials had expressed a desire to be as responsive as possible for the safety of students in the area, they also declined to shut down all the nearby extraction wells explaining that they could not narrow down the leak to an exact location. Worried parents previously raised concerns about the industrial pollution in their town.

Benzene as A Human Health Hazard 

When fossil fuels are burned, benzene is often one of the many products released in the atmosphere. Its pathway into the human body takes place either through the lungs, or by absorption from skin. As it enters the bloodstream, it may cause drowsiness, headaches, unconsciousness, or even death. When individuals are exposed to the chemical in the long-term, it often leads to the development of blood-related illnesses like Leukemia. While this type of dangerous exposure is generally associated with the occupational hazards of industry workers, it does not exempt students located only 1,200 feet away from the nearest extraction well pad from developing health problems associated with benzene exposure.

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