Dental Medicaid Fraud Charges End in Plea Agreements

February 24, 2015 — Most whistleblowers in False Claims Act lawsuits involving dental Medicaid fraud are dental clinic insiders. But for many, it’s a difficult thing to notify the government about an employer mixed up in billing fraud schemes against the government. When tipsters file a lawsuit against those engaged in unethical dental practices, the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act provide that they be rewarded for their courage with a share of the government’s recovery.

Six Former Employees at Indiana Dental Clinic Negotiate Plea Deals to Resolve Medicaid Fraud Charges

Six former employees of Anderson Dental Clinic in central Indiana have reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in a Medicaid fraud case that had been scheduled to begin in just days. The six were charged with a health care fraud scheme that began in 2006 and resulted in the clinic being paid over $300,000 in ineligible Medicaid reimbursements. The six employees, including three dentists, reportedly used forged documents as part of the Medicaid fraud scheme.
Dentist Paul Pangallo admitted to charges of Medicaid fraud and corrupt business influence. Dentist Thomas Dubois will disgorge almost $42,000 to Medicaid for procedures that prosecutors say he did not perform. In exchange, the charges against him will be dropped. The charges against dentist Jeffrey Rich also will be dismissed in exchange for his disgorgement of $20,000 to Medicaid.
Sally Metzner, who owned the clinic, had already admitted to several charges including Medicaid fraud and practicing dentistry without a license. When she has completed a two-year prison term in Kentucky on tax evasion charges, she will begin to serve a four-year prison sentence for the Indiana Medicaid fraud charges, along with another four years on probation.

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