Eastridge, et al v. Cleaver-Brooks, et al

Case Fact Sheet

Jury finds Asbestos Equipment Supplier Responsible for Salem, Oreg. Man’s Mesothelioma

Case Summary

A Portland jury has awarded a $5 million asbestos verdict to Charles Eastridge and his wife, plaintiffs in a mesothelioma lawsuit against gasket supplier Mar-Dustrial. Mr. Eastridge was diagnosed with mesothelioma in April 2015. The jury found the defendant responsible for Mr. Eastridge’s mesothelioma. Mr. Eastridge maintained dry kilns and boilers with asbestos gaskets sold by Mar-Dustrial at an Oregon planer mill where he worked from 1969 to 2000. Mar-Dustrial denies selling products to that mill. The jury delivered a verdict in the mesothelioma asbestos lawsuit on May 12, 2016, awarding $3.25 million for pain and suffering and $1.75 million for loss of consortium. Mar-Dustrial was the only defendant at trial and was assigned 22% liability. The jury also found the defendant responsible for both negligence and strict liability resulting in Mr. Eastridge’s mesothelioma.


May 12, 2016
$5,000,000 total award:
$3.25M pain and suffering
$14.75M loss of consortium
Liability: Mar-Dustrial 22%


Jury recognized that companies supplying dangerous products must be held accountable for the products they sell.
Our firm was able to move quickly and efficiently to bring this case to trial in within Mr. Eastridge’s lifetime.
Andy Waters was able to get Mar-Dustrial’s corporate representative to retract his statement.

Case Information

Cause No. 15CV18697 Charles Eastridge, et al v. Cleaver-Brooks, Inc., et al
Trial length: 6 days


Multnomah County Circuit Court, Oregon
Hon. Jerry B. Hodson, presiding

Plaintiffs Experts

Dr. Carl A. Brodkin

Defense Experts

None testified

Plaintiffs’ Counsel

Waters Kraus Paul & Siegel:
R. Walker Humphrey, II (lead trial counsel) (Dallas)
C. Andrew Waters, Alexa Mayfield (Los Angeles)

Swanson, Lathen, Alexander, McCann & Prestwich, PC (co-counsel)
Travis Prestwich

Defense Counsel

Bruce White & Associates (Portland)
Bruce White

Disclaimer – Results obtained depend on the facts of each case. Award amounts are not actual cash amounts received by plaintiffs. Deductions are made for offsets, liens, attorney fees and expenses.

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