Emory University Reaches $1.5 Million Settlement in False Claims Act Lawsuit

September 19, 2013 — When educational institutions file false claims with Medicare and Medicaid, they are robbing American taxpayers. The federal False Claims Act allows the government to work with tipsters to combat fraud against the U.S. government. Under the qui tam provisions of the statute, informants can file a lawsuit on the government’s behalf against the wrongdoers and share in the government’s recovery.

Emory Resolves Whistleblower Claims Concerning Clinical Trial Services

Emory University has agreed to pay $1.5 million to resolve claims that the institution submitted false claims to Medicare and Medicaid in connection with cancer clinical trial services not permitted under the rules of the two federal healthcare programs. According to Biz Journals, Georgia will receive $70,000 of the settlement to reimburse its state Medicaid program.

The government alleged that Emory billed state and federal healthcare programs for services paid for by the clinical trial sponsor, resulting in a double payment to Emory. The healthcare fraud was disclosed in a whistleblower lawsuit filed under the False Claims Act by Elizabeth Elliot, who formerly worked as a research finance manager with the university. Elliot will receive $322,500 as her share of the settlement, along with $11,250 in damages to settle her wrongful termination claims.

Whistleblowers Use False Claims Act to Fight Fraud Against the Government

Tipsters like the one in this case, who work at schools and universities, have valuable information, and they deserve to be familiar with their own rights under the False Claims Act before deciding to collaborate with the government. The qui tam lawyers at Waters & Kraus provide skilled representation to informants in cases involving fraudulent claims by colleges and universities. Contact us by email or call our whistleblower attorneys at 855.784.0268 to learn more about how we can help you.

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