Hood v. E.I. Du Pont De Nemours

Benzene Case Fact Sheet

Dallas Jury Awards $8.2M Verdict In Texas Benzene Trial Against DuPont

Case Summary

A Dallas, Texas jury has awarded $8.2 million to a 60-year-old Texas man battling leukemia. The jury found that Virgil Hood’s blood cancer was caused by his exposure to benzene contained in paint and solvents manufactured by E.I. Du Pont De Nemours (DuPont). Mr. Hood handled DuPont’s toxic products on the job daily in Colorado between 1973 and 1996, when he worked as a painter for Timpte Trailers – a company that builds semi-trailers. He also worked for Continental Airlines. The jury found that DuPont failed to properly warn of the dangers of benzene in its products and found Timpte negligent in protecting its workers. Mr. Hood was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome/acute myeloid leukemia (MDS/AML) in 2012. DuPont was the only defendant remaining when trial started and was apportioned 80% liability. The jury assigned 20% liability to Mr. Hood’s former employer, Timpte.


October 20, 2015
$8,243,234 total award:
$6,743,234 compensatory damages
$1,500,000 punitive damages
Liability: DuPont 80%; Timpte 20%

Case Information

Cause No. DC-13-03619,-H Virgil Hood, et al v. E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Co., et al
Trial length: 2 weeks 2 days     Deliberation Length: 4.5 hours


160th Judicial District Court, Dallas County, Texas
Hon. Jim Jordan, presiding

Plaintiffs Experts (testimony: live/depo)

Dr. James Stewart (live)
Dr. Sheila Butler (live)
Dr. GuillermoGarcia-Manero – treating physician (depo)
George Patterson – (depo)
Dr. Richard Thompson (live)

Defense Experts (testimony: live/depo)

Dr. David Pyatt (live)
Dr. Helen Broome – (depo)
Dr. Ethan Natelson – (live)
Dr. Carl Douglas (live)
Dr. Bernard Goldstein (live)
Stephen Silvas (depo)
Dr. Pamela Williams (live)
Dr. David Garabrant (live testimony)

Plaintiffs’ Counsel

Waters Kraus Paul & Siegel, LLP (Dallas):
Peter A. Kraus (lead trial counsel), Susannah Chester-Schindler, Jonathan A. George
Allen Stewart, PC (Dallas):
Scott R. Frieling

Defense Counsel

Schirrmeister Diaz-Arrastia Brem LLP (Houston):
Andrew C. Schirrmeister III, George Diaz-Arrastia
Cotten Schmidt & Appott, L.L.P. (Ft. Worth):
Larry E. Cotten, Dennis Conrad


Disclaimer – Results obtained depend on the facts of each case. Award amounts are not actual cash amounts received by plaintiffs. Deductions are made for offsets, liens, attorney fees and expenses.

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