J&J Exploring Talc Bankruptcy Option

Talcum Powder Victims

Johnson & Johnson is considering a plan to offload contaminated talc liabilities using bankruptcy protection.

Multinational healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is facing billions of dollars in liabilities to victims of its contaminated Baby Powder products. According to a 2018 Reuters investigative report, J&J knowingly used carcinogenic talc as the main ingredient in its legacy product Johnson’s Baby Powder for decades before it finally announced in May 2020 that it would cease production. Since then, J&J has faced thousands of lawsuits from women who claimed their ovarian cancers were caused by the contaminated Baby Powder.

Corporate restructure and bankruptcy could limit remedies available to victims

A recent decision in a Missouri appeals court ordering J&J to pay $2.1 billion in damages to talc victims has prompted the company to consider ways to avoid further liability. Reuters reports that a J&J attorney recently commented during settlement negotiations that J&J is allegedly considering using a Texas law allowing J&J to create a new company that will inherit the liabilities from the contaminated talc products. This new company will then immediately file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy protection greatly complicates the claims process and makes it difficult for victims to receive compensation for their injuries.

How We Help Talc Victims

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