Justice for School Sexual Abuse

Did you experience sexual abuse while a student in a California school?

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Recent changes in laws allowed sexual abuse survivors to seek justice decades after the abuse occurred. If you experienced abuse while a student in a public or private California school, we may be able to help.

Some California schools failed to protect students

Sex Abuse Survivors Deserve Justice

Some California public and private schools failed to protect students from sexual abuse. Did you experience abuse at the hands of a staff member, teacher, administrator, coach, fellow student, or other person associated with your elementary or secondary school? Survivors have the legal right to bring civil lawsuits for school sexual abuse. Our commitment is to support you through the legal process, ensuring your voice is heard and validated.

Understanding Your Rights as a Sexual Abuse Survivor

Sexual abuse or assault involves unwanted or non-consensual “sexual touching” or contact. If you’ve experienced sexual abuse at school, you can file a civil lawsuit against both the perpetrator and the school for its failure to protect you. Each state has its own statute of limitations for school sexual abuse lawsuits. Our team can help you navigate these complexities and understand deadlines that are applicable to your case.

What are my chances?

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