Metal Hip Company Reps in Operating Rooms

Around the globe, patients receiving metal-on-metal hip implants have suffered serious injuries, requiring removal of the defective medical devices. In New Zealand, hospitals reportedly are allowing representatives of the metal hip manufacturers into the operating room without patients’ consent during revision surgery.

The issue came to light during a New Zealand investigation by the country’s Health and Disability Commission (HDC). A hip replacement patient contacted New Zealand’s HDC after suffering repeated complications from metal hip implants in both hips. The HDC found that issues existed with the patient’s treatment, causing her to receive six hip replacements in six years.

New Zealand Hospitals Require Representatives from Metal-on-Metal Hip Manufacturers to Direct Removal of Defective Hip Implants

The New Zealand patient was angered when she learned that in 2012, during her first revision surgery, a representative from hip implant maker Stryker was present with the surgical team. The patient blamed Stryker for the defective metal-on-metal hip implant that had left her in pain for years. She was unaware that a Stryker employee would be in the room during her surgery.

The patient’s doctor, however, claims that he told her the hip manufacturer representative would be present and this was reflected in the doctor’s notes. But there was no signed consent form. And the HDC found that the patient’s consent was not given.

The hospital argues that the patient’s consent was not required. When the skills of amedical device manufacturing company are needed, hospital policy does not require a patient’s consent. Apparently, it is standard operating procedure for medical company representatives to be present for hip revision surgeries. Metal-on-metal hip implant manufacturers have the greatest knowledge about how to remove the faulty devices, the hospital explained. Because manufacturer representatives are an integral part of the surgical team, the patient’s consent is not required.

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