Award in Pipefitter’s Calif. Mesothelioma Case is Believed to Be the Largest Asbestos Verdict Against Boiler Manufacturer Weil-McLain

Case Summary

Plaintiff Shawn Swanson contended that his father Robert Swanson died as a result of malignant mesothelioma, which plaintiff contends was caused by Robert Swanson’s exposure to asbestos-containing boilers, gaskets, rope, and cement manufactured, supplied or distributed by defendant Marley-Wylain Company. The Defendant Marley-Wylain Company disputed that decedent Robert Swanson’s malignant mesothelioma was caused as a result of any contact with their products and/or equipment and further disputed the nature and extent of damages.


  • Aug. 28, 2018
  • $8.45M total award
  • Breakdown of award:
    • * $2,750,000 for Robert Swanson’s pain and suffering
    • * $1,500,000 damages for Shawn Swanson’s past lost service, parental training, guidance, society, and companionship
    • * $4,200,000 damages for Shawn Swanson’s future lost service, parental training, guidance, society, and companionship
  • Remaining defendant at verdict: Weil-McLain assigned 60%

Case Information

Case No. JCCP4674/BC571451; Swanson, et al., vs. Weil-McLain, a div of Marley-Wylain Company, et al.
Trial length: 9 days
Jury deliberation: 4 hours


Los Angeles County Superior Court, California
Hon. C. Edward Simpson, presiding

Plaintiffs Experts (live testimony)

Dr. Arnold Brody, PhD – Cell Biology Expert
Dr. Barry Horn, MD – Pulmonologist and Medical Expert
Perry Gottesfeld, MPH – Industrial Hygiene Expert

Defense Experts (live testimony)

Dr. David Weill, M.D. – Medical Expert
Eric Rasmuson, CIH – Industrial Hygiene Expert

Plaintiffs’ Counsel

Defense Counsel

  • Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney, Ltd., Chicago, IL
    • * Edward McCambridge, Jason P. Eckerly, Martha E. Drouet
  • Manning Gross + Massenburg, LLP, Walnut Creek, CA
    • * David Glaspy


Disclaimer – Results obtained depend on the facts of each case. Award amounts are not actual cash amounts received by plaintiffs. Deductions are made for offsets, liens, attorney fees, and expenses.

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