Update: Hoverboard Dentist Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Medicare Fraud

Whistleblower Lawsuit

Judge Michael Wolverton of Anchorage Superior Court sentenced Seth Lookhart of Clear Creek Dental, LLC, to 20 years in prison for dozens of charges including Medicaid fraud.

In addition to his fraudulent Medicaid billing for over-use of sedation, Lookhart gained notice for a viral video that showed him performing dentistry on a patient while riding a hoverboard, for which he has also been charged with reckless endangerment.

Alaska Dentist Guilty of Medicaid Fraud in Whistleblower Lawsuit

Charges against the Anchorage dentist were filed in 2017 after a former employee told investigators that Lookhart was increasing profits for the business by performing unnecessary sedation on his patients.

The whistleblower lawsuit has shed light on the fraudulent business practices of the dentist, and uncovered more than $2 million that was unnecessarily billed — accounting for nearly one third of all Medicaid billing for dental sedation in Alaska in 2016.

Lookhart was scheduled to start serving his sentence on December 7, for a total of 20 years.

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Alaska Public Media News: Hoverboard Dentist and Medicaid Fraud

MARCH 3, 2020

Victim testifies she was “livid” Anchorage dentist pulled her tooth while on hoverboard.

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