Stronger Pesticide Regulation Protects Workers and Children

Pesticides have been shown in repeated studies to cause birth defects, cancer and neurological problems. Yet American farmworkers are routinely exposed to dangerous pesticides. As part of their jobs, they are often exposed when they mix up batches of pesticides to spray on crops and then again as they apply the pesticides in the fields.

EPA Strengthens Pesticide Regulations

New safety standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are designed to reduce the risk of cancer and birth defects caused by pesticide exposure. The rules apply to pesticides used in forests, farms, nurseries and greenhouses. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy described the new pesticide rules as long overdue. The EPA’s goal is to prevent the most common incidents of pesticide exposure.

The new EPA pesticide rules reportedly include the following changes:

  • Workers coming into contact with pesticides must be at least 18-years-old;
  • Workers must be trained on pesticide risks every year rather than every five years, as is currently required;
  • Protections will be established for whistleblowers;
  • Worksites must provide better notification of pesticide risks and necessary precautions; and
  • Safety rules must be more strictly enforced.

The new pesticide regulations will be phased in beginning in 2016.

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