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Babies Born Addicted to Opioids Cost U.S. Over $500 Million per Year

In the year preceding the onset of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, the opioid epidemic led the headlines. Studies were conducted, opioid lawsuits were filed, and new regulations aimed at holding drug manufacturers and prescribers responsible for the havoc the highly addictive drugs wreaked on millions were passed. Yet the stranglehold of addiction persists, albeit in the shadow of...

Opioids Prescribed to Pregnant Women Tied to Birth Defects

With over 27 million Americans using an illicit or prescription opioid on a routine basis, it’s quite clear that opioid use impacts many facets of our society. The epidemic kills an average of 70,000 people per year – and the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, in fact, worsens widespread drug use. But many of those it doesn’t kill live out their lives with complications. Recently, sales...

Opioids: The Common Enemy of 2019

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The opioid epidemic dominated news headlines last year, with lawsuits and new regulations aimed at holding manufacturers responsible for prescription drug overdose deaths throughout the United States. Increased awareness of this health crisis has put many drug manufacturers under intense scrutiny—some of which have been found misleading the public about the dangerous side effects of opioids,...

Pain and Pregnancy: The Opioid Epidemic is a Women’s Issue

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While the use of opioid drugs increases among pregnant women, it is important to understand the risks associated with short and long-term opioid use during and after pregnancy. Pain is common during pregnancy and women experience a range of aches, from lower back and pelvic pain to achy joints and migraines. To manage acute pain during pregnancy, doctors may suggest nonsteroidal...

Marketing Efforts Created the Crisis that led to Opioid Lawsuits

Opioid Lawsuits

As courtrooms continue to fill with opioid lawsuits across the U.S., researchers provide more insight into the role that pharmaceutical companies played. A recent study revealed a connection between the amount of money spent on opioid-related marketing and the number of overdose deaths in various counties across the U.S. The study showed that pharmaceutical marketing of opioids towards...

No One Said Opioids Could Cause Birth Defects

Drug manufacturers hid the truth about the dangerous side effects of opioids in misleading advertisements. Now we know opioids could cause birth defects, and victims are turning to opioid attorneys to hold the corporations responsible.

Even though advertisements claimed that opioids are safe for long-term use, drug manufacturers prioritized profits by downplaying the now well-known...

America’s Opioid Usage Seeps into the Environment

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Opioids detected in mussels found on the coast of the Pacific Northwest correlate to high usage in nearby cities.

Shellfish in Washington State have tested positive for the prescription opioid, oxycodone, a powerful painkiller. Scientists from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife found traces of the painkiller in the tissues of native bay mussels in Puget Sound near Seattle....

New Study Links Prenatal Opioid Use and Birth Defects

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A new study finds a causal link between prescribed opioid treatment during pregnancy and birth defects in newborns.

Researchers found a link between opioid painkillers use just before or during pregnancy and birth defects in a growing fetus.

Birth Defects and Opioids

Two to three percent of participating mothers in the CDC study reported treatment with opioid painkillers...

Lawyers Fight to Give Voice to Babies Affected by Opioids

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In the ongoing legal battle for justice for opioid victims, attorneys argue that newborns should be separated into a different track from other cases.

A sprawling collection of opioid-related cases is currently moving forward as part of a multi-district litigation (MDL). But the attorneys representing babies injured by opioids are arguing for a separate track for their...

Opioids, Birth Defects, and Fetal Health

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As concern grows over the rise in opioid related deaths, we must also consider how the drugs affect the youngest victims and the link to birth defects in developing babies.

The damages wrought by the opioid epidemic continue to increase. The American Medical Association reports that the number of deaths directly related to synthetic opioids has risen above...

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