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Mesothelioma Victim v. Window Glazing Manufacturer and Chemical Company
Gary Kline, et al v. Zimmer, Inc., et al
Vanni, et al., v. AMF Bowling Centers, Inc, et al.
Eaves, et al., v. Ashland, Inc., et al.
Davis, et al., vs. Ameron International Corp., et al.
Swanson, et al., vs. Weil-McLain, et al.

Hopper, et al v. California Dept. of Water Resources, et al
Ross, et al v. A.O. Smith Corporation, et al

Sylvestre v. New England Insulation Company
Eastridge, et al v. Cleaver-Brooks, et al
Hood, v. E.I. Du Pont De Nemours
Kline, et. al. v. Zimmer, Inc., et al.
Golik, et. al. v. CBS Corp. et. al.
Panza, et al v. Kelsey-Hayes
Saller, et al v. Crown, Cork & Seal Company, Inc.
Mansir v. John Crane Inc.
Steffen v. CalPortland Company, et. al.
Koeberle v. John Crane, Inc.
Lanpher vs. Alfa Laval, et. al.
Puckett et al vs. Baker Hughes Incorporated et al
Galassi, et. al. v. A.W. Chesterton et. al.
Cundiff vs. Alfa Laval, et. al.
Haupt et al vs. A.W. Chesterton et. al.
Hirschberg v. Alfa Laval, Inc., et. al.; Mattison v. Alfa Laval, Inc., et. al.; Sorey v. Alfa Laval, Inc., et. al.
Woodard v. Alfa Laval, Inc., et. al.
Nolen v. Allied Mineral, Inc. et. al.
Yager, et. al. v. John Crane, Inc.
Saffold v. Bondex, et. al.
Brewer v. Alfa Laval, Inc., et. al.
Baccus v. Bondex International, et. al.
Barlow, et. al. v. American Standard, et. al.
Davis, et. al. v. American Standard, et. al.
Walmach, et. al. v. Aqua-Chem, et. al.
Silvestro v. Bondex International et. al.
Behshid v. Bondex International et. al.
Lowery v. Bondex International et. al.
Sandel, et. al. v. Bondex International, Inc.
Reivitt v. Kaiser Gypsum Inc.
Treggett v. Garlock Industries and Kelly-Moore Paint Company
Valverde v. Bayer AG
Kilough v. Kellogg, Brown & Root, Inc.
Henderson v. AC and S, Inc. and Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation
Hutchison v. Combustion Engineering, Inc. and Owens-Illinois, Inc.
Durham v. Pittsburgh Corning
Gilbert v. Alcoa, Inc.

Disclaimer – Results obtained depend on the facts of each case. Award amounts are not actual cash amounts received by plaintiffs. Deductions are made for liens, attorney fees and expenses.

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