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Silicosis on the Rise in the Fracking Industry

“Fracking” is the common name for a now widely used process to extract oil and gas – hydraulic fracturing. Though it has existed for well over 60 years, the drilling technique only took center stage in the last decade with the improvement of technologies. As of 2019, the industry has made the United States a major crude oil exporter. However, any economic benefits gained from...

The First Countertop Worker in U.S. Diagnosed with Silicosis

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Since its creation in the late 1980s, quartz (an industry term for engineered stone) has been used in custom home building and improvement. The engineered stone’s durability and fashionable element has prompted it to become a popular material used in kitchens and bathrooms. While the manufacturing of the stone has been attributed to a fast-growing industry, the workers who fabricate and...

Controlling the Dust: How Silicosis Can Be Prevented


As American manufacturing industries expand, so does the workforce that enables productive labor and outcome. For over a decade, the engineered stone industry has done just that by fulfilling consumers’ widespread demand for “quartz” countertops. While the artificial stone makes for durable kitchen and bathroom surfaces, the cutting and polishing process it goes through puts workers at...

Cutting Countertops: Is it Synonymous with Silicosis?

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Despite the safety and health regulations that are seemingly assured to manual labor workers in the countertop fabrication industry, there is an obvious disconnect between company claims of protection, and the serious fatal diseases contracted by workers as a result of minimal action taken to verify those claims. This reality is especially true to individuals who have developed silicosis due...

What Stone Workers Need to Know About Silicosis


Masons and other stone workers are suddenly falling ill across the Southwest with silicosis and severe respiratory diseases. The dust created by their work contains silica, and it’s making them sick. The artificial or engineered stone used to make countertops has been identified as a key source of the deadly mineral.

Lung Damage and Deaths Among Makers of Popular Kitchen...

NPR: Lung Damage And Deaths Among Makers Of Popular Kitchen Countertops

Artificial stone used to make kitchen and bathroom countertops has been linked to cases of death and irreversible lung injury in workers who cut, grind and polish this increasingly popular material.

The fear is that thousands of workers in the United States who create countertops out of what’s known as “engineered stone” may be inhaling dangerous amounts of...

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