Stryker Settles Hip Implant Litigation for More than $1 Billion

Stryker Corp. has reached a sizable settlement of more than $1 billion to put thousands of lawsuits concerning the medical device maker’s hip implants to rest. Stryker manufactured metal-on-metal hip implants that have been blamed for causing high levels of metal debris in patients’ blood. In addition, the hip replacement devices caused pain and swelling that sometimes results in the need for revision surgery. In July 2012, Stryker took its Rejuvenate and ABG II implants devices off the market and warned surgeons that the devices could injure tissue around the hip.

The settlement was notable because Stryker decided to resolve the cases up front rather than risk a trial in court as other metal-on-metal implant makers are doing. Under the terms of the settlement, patients who underwent surgery to remove the Stryker hip devices will receive a base amount of $300,000. Patients who were forced to undergo multiple revision surgeries may qualify for a higher amount. The settlement is available for Stryker patients who can show that their hip implant was removed before November 3, 2014.

The settlement came after months of mediation to resolve the claims. Lawyers representing plaintiffs were interested in a speedy resolution given that many of their clients are seniors.

Stryker reportedly set aside over $1.4 billion to cover the litigation. The company’s 2013 revenue was in excess of $9 billion.

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