Juries Award Millions Against Vaginal Mesh Manufacturer Boston Scientific in 2014

In 2014, Boston Scientific Corp. was hit with three multimillion dollar verdicts in favor of women injured by the company’s vaginal mesh devices. In Florida, a federal jury reached a $26.7 million verdict in a case involving Boston Scientific’s Pinnacle pelvic mesh device. The following week, in West Virginia, the jury awarded $18.5 million to four women injured by the company’s Obtryx sling. Earlier in the year, the pelvic mesh maker lost a case in Texas, where the verdict was $73.4 million. The company did win two cases tried in Massachusetts state court.

Pelvic Mesh Causes Infections, Painful Sexual Intercourse and Nerve Damage

The Florida, West Virginia and Texas juries reportedly found that Boston Scientific rushed to get its mesh devices on the market and used materials for the devices that were inappropriate for the intended purpose. In addition, the medical device maker failed to give proper warnings to doctors and patients about the risks associated with Boston Scientific’s vaginal mesh products.

In West Virginia, the four injured women, who all suffer from infections, painful sexual intercourse and nerve damage, were awarded $1 million each in punitive damages.

Boston Scientific is one of several manufacturers of vaginal mesh now confronted with tens of thousands of lawsuits across the country filed by women suffering with serious injuries from devices the manufacturers claimed could be used to treat urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

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