Two Alabama Dentists Charged with Dental Medicaid Fraud

July 2, 2014 — An Alabama dentist has been arrested on charges of Medicaid fraud after his partner pleaded guilty to similar charges the preceding week. Dr. William Britt Morris and Dr. Jimmy C. White have offices in the southwestern Alabama towns of Grove Hill and Butler. Medicaid is funded in part with federal tax dollars, so dental Medicaid fraud committed in Alabama actually injures American taxpayers in every state. The federal False Claims Act encourages whistleblowers working inside dental clinics to collaborate with the government by filing a qui tam lawsuit for the government’s benefit. The whistleblower provisions in the statute entitle tipsters to a handsome share of the government’s recovery.

Alabama Dentists Allegedly Cheated Medicaid of $500,000

On June 11, White reportedly was convicted of attempted Medicaid fraud and received a one-year prison sentence, which was suspended for a corresponding probationary period. White also was required to pay $36,812.54 in restitution and consented to be banned permanently from participating in the Alabama Medicaid Program. In addition, White agreed to testify against Morris.
According to the Alabama attorney general’s office, Morris and White acted together to file false claims with Alabama Medicaid that defrauded the health care program of half a million dollars. Since 2009 when the dentists became partners, Morris and White allegedly treated patients with procedures that were unapproved by Medicaid, and then made false claims for reimbursement to the health care program. In addition, some of the procedures were in reality never performed and others were not medically necessary.
Morris has been charged with 59 counts of Medicaid violations. He has been released after filing a $30,000 bond. The 58 counts of false claims violations against Morris carry a maximum five-year prison sentence for each count. The remaining charge, a first-degree theft of property count, carries a prison sentence of 2 to 20 years. The Alabama Board of Dental Examiners will make the decision whether to revoke the dentists’ licenses to practice in the state.

Blowing the Whistle on Dental Medicaid Fraud

Alabama is not the only state on the battle lines fighting against dental Medicaid fraud. While Waters & Kraus is not handling this particular case, we are handling similar cases. If you have similar claims against a different dentist or dental practice, contact us or call our attorneys at 800.784.0268. In Texas, for example, Charles Siegel and Dan Hargrove in Waters & Kraus’ Dallas office are known for their experience in whistleblower lawsuits involving false Medicaid claims.
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